AGRS is available in BTC trading market

2018-09-15 17:55

Dear BCEX users:

AGRS is available in BTC trading market,as follows:

Deposit&Withdrawal Time:
September 18,2018,15:00(UTC+8)
Trading Time:
September 19,2018,15:00(UTC+8)

About AGRS
Agoras will be a fully featured intelligent economy revolving around the production, distribution and pricing of knowledge, thereby aligning monetary incentives with Tau’s capabilities over which it is constructed. Agoras will also share Tau’s dynamic architecture, allowing its parameters to be amended based on the community's desire in real time. In addition, it will feature a computational resource market as well as advanced financial tools such as a derivatives exchange that allows risk-free interest with zero inflation.
Token total:42,000,000
Private price:0.8 USD
Official Website:
White paper:

Risk declarations: 
Due to the changing global policies, users in the United States, China,Singapore and other regions should consult their national lawyers before engaging in transactions in order to avoid unnecessary losses. BCEX reserves the right to suspend or terminate services to users who may violate the laws of the host country at any time. 
Trading digital tokens will make you involved in huge risk, the price of them is unstable. You might face the issues like project team dissolve,price manipulation and etc. Please be aware of these risks and take your actions carefully, the risks were undertaking by yourself. 

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September 15,2018